The automated palletising of packages was implemented in the project. Products of various dimensions are palletised.

Width: from 274 mm to 926 mm.

Length: from 377 mm to 2070 mm.

Weight: from 5 to 80 kg.


Using vacuum suction cups, the robot takes the empty cardboard pallet from the stack of pallets and moves it onto the roller conveyor.

Production packages arrive from the automatic packaging line in a certain sequence, depending on the type of palletisation. The conveyor system groups the packages into a layer, which the robot takes from the positioning table with the help of a vacuum gripper and places them on a special cardboard pallet.

After a full pallet is loaded, the motorized conveyors move it out of the robot‘s working area.

The problem addressed

The customer encountered the following problems during the manual operation of production loading onto pallets:

  • Hard and repetitive manual work
  • Non-ergonomic work (heavy packages loading, packages weight up to 80 kg)
  • Work in shifts (24/7)
  • Quality parameters of pallet loading (only a correctly and stably loaded pallet can successfully reach the end user)

Solution to the problem

A fully automatic robotic package loading line was designed and manufactured, which not only solved all the customer‘s problems mentioned above, but also brought the additional benefits:

  • Cost-free downtime
  • Much faster order fulfilment (from receiving the order to dispatching of palletised pallets)
  • Significantly increased productivity compared to manual work
  • 100% product traceability


Robot: FANUC; M-410iC_185

Gripper:Vacuum gripper with controlled vacuum zones. Vacuum is generated by generators, mounted on every suction cup.

Delivery of pallets:Robot prepares an empty pallet with a help of gripper

Conveyers system::

  • Roller conveyors for pallets transportation
  • Belt conveyors for product delivery
  • Packages positioning table

Palletising system parameters:

System capacity: up to 12 packages/min

Height: up to 1400 mm

Different palletising templates: 30, with a possibility to increase in number

The solutions’ applicability in the market

This solution can be applied in any manufacturing enterprise, where production is packed to packages of large dimensions and the exact positioning of a product is necessary.