Brief description

Palletising. The vast majority of the production reaches a customer in boxes, stacked on pallets. Almost all the producers face the same issue – how to quickly and efficiently load the products on the pallets.


The problem addressed

The customer faced the following problems during a manual operation of production loading onto pallets:

  • Hard and repetitive manual work
  • Work in the cold (due to the characteristics of the product, palletising must be carried out at negative temperatures)
  • Work in shifts (24/7)
  • Non-ergonomic work (lifting heavy boxes to a height)
  • Human errors (up to 3 different products are palletised at the same time, there is a high probability of placing the box on the wrong pallet)
  • Uneven workload of employees (the manufactured product has a pronounced seasonality, the peak of which requires an additional workforce)
  • Quality parameters of pallet loading (only a correctly and stably loaded pallet can successfully reach the end user)
  • A very small space was dedicated to palletising, where it was very difficult for people to work efficiently

Solution to the problem

A fully automatic robotic box loading line was designed and manufactured, which not only solved all the problems faced by the customer, but also brought the additional benefits:

  • Cost-free downtime
  • Accounting and traceability of palletised products (the system is fully integrated into a client’s production accounting system Navision, therefore each palletised product is accounted and traceable)
  • Significantly increased productivity compared to manual work
  • The solution paid off in less than 2 years



Robot: Fanuc M-710; 45M

Gripper: vacuum two-zoned gripper. Vacuum is generated by the use of compressed air.

Pallets delivery: automatic pallets delivery unit PALOMAT Inline

Conveyors System:

Product delivery conveyors: stainless steel housing, modular belt with accumulation

Pallets conveyors: aluminium housing, galvanized steel rollers. Max weight of the pallet transported – 1200 kg

Automatic Stretch film wrapper: Robopac Technoplat 3000 PDS. Max capacity – 35 pallets/hour.

Automatic pallet labels applicator, which is integrated into production accounting system.


Palletising system parameters:

  • System capacity: up to 16 boxes/min
  • Height of a pallet: up to 2000 mm
  • Different palletising templates: 9


The solutions’ applicability in the market

This solution can be applied in any manufacturing enterprise, which production is boxed and loaded onto pallets.