Brief description

A fully automated assembly line for electronic products has been designed and manufactured.

A complex line carries out the assembly of electronic products. Individual product components (housing, electronic boards, additional embedded components) are fed into the line in dedicated locations. Individual operations are performed in separate work areas (cells). In each cell, the Fanuc robot carries out an individual assembly process. Individual product information is laser marked on the product assembled. With the help of a conveyor, the collected products are taken to product packaging.


The problem addressed

The customer faced the following problems during a manual production assembly:

  • Careful and repetitive manual work
  • Work in shifts (24/7)
  • Human errors (components of the wrong type are inserted, sensitive components are mechanically damaged)
  • Uneven workload of employees (the manufactured product has a pronounced seasonality, the peak of which requires an additional workforce)
  • Quality parameters of products assembly (only correctly assembled products can meet the quality parameters and successfully reach the end user)

Solution to the problem

A fully automated robotic product assembly line was designed and manufactured, which not only solved all the problems the customer encountered, but also brought the additional benefits:

  • Cost-free downtime
  • The assembled production is fully traceable (system is fully integrated into the accounting system of a client‘s production, therefore each product is registered and traceable)
  • Significantly increased productivity compared to manual work. The line can assemble a product 10 times faster than a human.



Robots: Fanuc LR-mate 200iD 7L

Grippers: multifunctional grippers with fast replacement function (SMED). Every gripper is adjusted to an individual product.

Conveyers system: a unique conveyers system, designed to transport a customer’s products in special fixtures.





System parameters:

  • System capacity: a product assembly takes 6 seconds.
  • The processes carried out: positioning of housing; gluing of components; precise installation of components into the housing; closure of the housing; laser labelling; scanning of 2D code
  • Number of different products: 6


The solutions’ applicability in the market

This solution can be applied to the assembly of a broad spectrum of devices or simple installations.