Brief description

Fertilizer granules analysis system. Production of fertilizer industry companies must meet quality requirements not only for chemical composition, but also for granulometric composition. It is very important to ensure a monodisperse distribution of the production for a higher quality of fertilization process and storage of the production. The problem here is that direct production measurement methods are performed too rarely and make it difficult to measure production line parameters in real time. Only the timely observed changes in the production process allow manufacturers to reduce the amount of improper production. Monitoring of such a process cannot be ensured on the basis of measurements carried out solely in a laboratory.

The problem addressed

The customer faces the following problems in the production lines that do not have the granules analysis system in place:

  • Low production sampling frequency (samples are taken every 1-2 hours);
  • The sample analysis takes a long time, therefore for a rather long period the inferior quality product may be produced;
  • During production process only a small quantity of granules is verified, and therefore the inspection results cannot be trusted for establishing a precise quality of the production;
  • Work in shifts (24/7) results in a poorer quality control of production, especially during night shift;
  • Inspection requires additional workforce.

Solution to the problem

A solution has been created that enables real time monitoring of the quality of the production of fertilizer granules. This solution consists of hardware and software. An automated sampling device constantly carries out the sampling in production line following the manufacturer’s standards applied. The specialised software executes an evaluation of the production’s quality parameters. The quality analysis system has helped not only solve the problems that the customer encountered, but also brought additional benefits:

  • The results from all production lines are available for review in a web browser;
  • Statistical information is stored for individual groups of granules, according to their size ranges;
  • Constant production monitoring and analysis;
  • The analysis takes 1-5 minutes;
  • Warning information messages on the production of inferior quality.


Video cameras: High-definition line scanning cameras are used.

Light sources: UV light sources are used.

Conveyors system: Special vibro-conveyors are used to expose the sample in the field of view of the video cameras, thus ensuring an even flow of particles.

Measurements: Specialized software, which uses computer vision methods and mathematical models to correct the results according to the customer‘s needs, is under creation.

The parameters of granules analysis system:

The range of particles: 50 µm – 20 mm, however, it can be adjusted following a customer’s needs.

The following parameters are measured: size, roundness, quantity, colour (as needed), roughness and elongation of particles, etc.

The following parameters are calculated: volume of granules, smallest and largest granule size, mean, variance, standard deviation, uniformity index, density (as needed), etc.

The solutions’ applicability in the market

Currently granules analysis systems Fertiscan have been installed in the companies producing fertilizers. This solution can be applied in every fertilizer producing company, where continuous production is carried out. Such a system can be appplied in all industries where the product is in the form of fine particles: in the food industry, in the manufacture of adhesive granules, in the manufacture of PET granules, etc.