Quality analysis system for furniture components. Almost all furniture manufacturing companies face the problem that some components are damaged during production. All the manufacturers strive to reduce the amount of components with defects, this problem is perfectly solved by the quality analysis system for furniture components.

The problem addressed

The customer faces the following problems in the production lines that do not have a quality analysis system in place:

  • During the production process, according to the quality standards regulated by the manufacturer, operators randomly check whether all the holes in a component are properly drilled;
  • If the drill bit falls out or wears out, the drill discrepancy may not be noticed until the next inspection;
  • Only a small part of the components is inspected during production, so the components must be re-checked later before packaging;
  • Heavy and repetitive manual work that requires a worker’s concentration;
  • Work in shifts (24/7) results in a poorer quality control of production during night shift;
  • Human errors (some defects may not be noticed during pre-packaging inspection);
  • Inspection requires additional workforce.

Solution to the problem

A solution has been developed that ensures the quality of the products produced in the furniture production lines. This solution consists of hardware and software. The quality analysis system has helped not only solve the problems that the customer encountered, but also brought the additional benefits:

  • Measurement and control of every component’s drilled holes and reefs;
  • Information on each component is stored in the furniture quality inspection system SmartPeek;
  • Production comes to an automatic halt when a certain number of components in a row are defective;
  • Defect traceability based on stored data that is available to employees responsible for production quality.


Video cameras: High-definition line scanning cameras are used.

Light sources: Diffused and focused lights are used.

Conveyor system: Special belt conveyors are used, which ensure an even transportation of the product.

Defect identification: Specialized software is developed using computer vision and artificial intelligence techniques is under creation.

Parameters of quality analysis system for furniture analysis system:

System capacity: max speed 70 m/min

Detalių skaičius: 30 detalės/min

Detalės aukštis: 10 – 30 mm

Width of a component: 195 – 1000 mm

Length of a component: 195 – 2400 mm

The solutions’ applicability in the market

This solution can be applied in every furniture manufacturing enterprise, where mass production is carried out. The system is modular, so it is possible to apply a partial modification according to the needs of each customer.

You can find more information at http://smartpeek.lt/..