Package palletising..

The automated palletising of packages, which sizes vary from 300x600x30 mm to 800x1800x50 mm, was implemented in the project. The weight of packages: from 5 to 40 kg.

Data on the packages arriving via the line (weight, dimensions, label information) are obtained from the client‘s database. Based on the data received, the line automatically configures the pallet loading template. Automated conveyors deliver the packages to the strapping device, where they are tied with PP tape. Next, the package is placed on the positioning table, aligned, and a label is printed on the narrow edge of the package.

The last operation is robotic palletising of packages. The robot places an empty pallet in the work area and loads packages onto it.

The problem addressed

The customer encountered the following problems during the manual operation of production loading onto pallets:

  • Hard and repetitive manual work
  • Non-ergonomic work (loading of heavy packages, the packages weigh up to 36 kg)
  • Work in shifts (24/7)
  • Quality parameters of pallet loading (only a correctly and stably loaded pallet can successfully reach the end user)

Solution to the problem

A fully automatic robotic package loading line was designed and manufactured, which solved the problems and brought the additional benefits:

  • Cost-free downtime
  • Much faster order fulfilment (from receiving the order to dispatching of palletised pallets)
  • Significantly increased productivity compared to manual work
  • 100% product traceability


Robot: FANUC; M-410iC_185

Gripper:vacuum gripper with sponges, vacuum is generated by a vacuum pump of 9 kW capacity.

Delivery of pallets:a robot with a help of gripper prepares an empty pallet.

Conveyers system::

  • roller conveyers
  • belt conveyors to change direction of the product
  • packets positioning unit

Palletising system parameters:

System capacity: up to 10 packets/min

Height of a pallet: up to 1800 mm

Different palletising templates: an infinite number, depending on packets dimensions.

The solutions’ applicability in the market

This solution can be applied in any manufacturing enterprise, where production is packed to packages of large dimensions and the exact positioning of a product is necessary.